James River Transportation

James River Transportation already had a professional website, but customers simply weren’t finding it. This called for an SEO campaign. We pulled data from the major search engines to determine which keywords customers use when searching for the types of service that JRBL offers. We also looked at marketing data to determine which geographic markets held the most ROI potential for JRT.

With this data in hand, we went to work optimizing the copy and HTML code on every page of the company website, ensuring these pages would be found by those search engine users who are JRT’s most valuable potential customers. We conducted a link-building campaign to acquire high-quality incoming links from relevant industry sites and business directories.

When JRT wanted an online communication platform to connect all of its employees 24/7, we built a Forum for the exclusive use of company associates. Leveraging the best assets of social media networking sites like Facebook, we made this Employee Forum a fun place for company employees to chat, float ideas to company management, and quickly receive troubleshooting for problematic issues.


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“Refresh's proactive SEO efforts have dramatically improved the search engine rankings for our website.”

Stephen Story
James River Transportation