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LK Events & Design

LK Events & Design came to Refresh as a young business that had yet to invest in marketing: they had no logo, no branding, no website. Luckily, they had an impressive portfolio of work and an eagerness to create a brand that would reflect their whimsical but classical style.

An easy-to-use content management system was paramount as the founder of LK described herself as “computer illiterate.” We developed a customized solution that fit LK’s budget and enabled her to devote as much–or as little–time to her site as she pleased. We wrote a comprehensive “how to” guide, and sat down with her to walk through the process and answer any questions.

Next step: We are currently working with LK on a challenging search engine optimization campaign. Since LK’s planners and designers are willing to travel, we’re targeting customers in a wide geographic area. We’ll be sure to let you know how the project turns out!

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A Focus on Photography

The skill to plan beautiful events is hard to convey in words alone, that is where the excellent photographers that LK works with come in. The site is designed to showcase the amazing venues, specially selected decor and finishing touches that make LK events one of a kind.

Simple, Elegant, Adaptable

We worked with LK to design a logo that was simple, bright and adaptable. From this style, we built a website that exuded similar qualities and allowed LK to showcase their innovative work. We consulted with LK on creating a logical information architecture and effective web copywriting.

“Refresh is the best investment I’ve made for my company. They made my vision come to life. They are constant communicators and produce quality work. A huge thank you for a great project.”

Lindsay Averette
LK Events & Design