Monticello – Heritage Harvest Festival

The Heritage Harvest Festival at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is an annual family-oriented, educational event promoting gardening, sustainability, local food, and the preservation of heritage plants.

Refresh worked with Monticello to create a modern, attractive site which marketed the festival’s many categories of events and activities.

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Custom Event Calendar

Multiple events, venues, speakers, dates and prices make festival calendars particularly difficult to streamline for users to easily understand.

Refresh worked with Monticello to develop a search and browse taxonomy that worked for a variety of user types. We displayed that data through a visually appealing grid, with high-tech features such as no-reload filters.

Mobile Friendly Filtering

Background Video

Attention-grabbing video integrated into the otherwise still slideshow provides a sense of place and shows the breadth of activity a new visitor can expect when attending the festival.