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Schnabel Engineering

Schnabel Engineering provides specialized expertise and design for geotechnical, tunnel, and dam engineering projects across the U.S. and worldwide.

Refresh worked with Schnabel to create a captivating website which would highlight the scale of their work as well as entice top talent to join their team. Through large imagery and bold colors, the design of the site exemplifies the impressive size, quality and creativeness with which the firm conducts its work around the world.


Increase in time spent on the site

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Designed to Convey Scale

Custom background full-width background images display the grand projects that define Schnabel. Users can set specific images or allow the system to automatically select a pre-formatted image at random.

API Integration

Refresh utilized the API from “The Resumator”, which handles Schnabel’s employment opportunities, to display open positions within the site templates.

Custom API Integration
“Our traffic has grown 79% since launching our new responsive site with Refresh. In the three years we have worked with Refresh they have been continuously on time, on budget and genuinely fun to work with!”

Jennifer Wolfson
Schnabel Engineering