Strategy & User Experience (UX)

Getting to Know You

At Refresh, we realize that redesigning your site is an investment of time, money and personnel. We want this to be an enjoyable and rewarding relationship for all parties. The better we know your goals, and you know our process, the better we can work together to ensure the final product produces the greatest return on your investment.

User Personas

We will walk though scenarios of various users’ activity on the site, create “personas,” and discuss ways we can become familiar with your target users.

User Experience (UX) & Information Architecture

Your current site may hold a wealth of content, but information is only useful if it can be readily discovered by those seeking it. Using our UX expertise, Refresh will work with you to develop clean information architecture and site structure to make content easily accessible to a wide audience. We work hard to ensure that our personas can easily happen upon their target content, all while pushing related content that would enhance your site goals.


Refresh develops interactive wireframes of the new site. This allows for rapid prototyping which speeds the design process and allows for quick edits and sign-off prior to moving into the more detailed designs. It also ensures a quality information architecture and solid user experience.