WordPress CMS

Refresh loves to work with the WordPress open-source content management system (CMS). Beyond its popularity, over 27% of all web sites run on WordPress, there several key features which make WordPress our primary choice for development projects.

Ease of Use

WordPress does not require technical to update knowledge (it is as simple as editing a Word document) and can be accessed from any desktop or mobile browser. Want to embed a YouTube video and have it scale with your users devices? Just paste in the video URL, WordPress handles the rest!

Open Source

Our goal is to develop a long-lasting partnership to ensure your site’s success for years to come. That said, building on the WordPress platform, which is amongst the most widely used, supported, documented and understood in the world, allows the peace-of-mind of knowing that internal developers or future contracted firms would not need to spend time getting up to speed or deciphering proprietary code to make changes to the site down the road.


No CMS is completely secure, but the worldwide WordPress community is constantly updating the robust code base with security enhancements and patches for the latest annoyance or infiltration. Staff can update the site with one click and benefit from the work of thousands.

Search Engine Optimization

The WordPress core code is written semantically, with search engine friendliness in mind. With the addition of a top SEO plugin, your site will align with Google best practices including sitemap, robots.txt, micro-formatting and more.