What is “me nofollow”?

I have heard several people asking lately,

“What is me nofollow?”

And that tells me that they have been trying to analyze the value of outgoing links on Twitter. If that describes you, then good for you! You are thinking about SEO the right way by examining Twitter’s source code to see if it allows search engines spiders to follow outbound links.

You probably already know that the dreaded “nofollow” appearing in the HTML of all of Twitter’s outbound links means that no, search engines will not count those links. Now, when someone posts a link to their own website in the bio section of their Twitter page (the area to the upper right that includes name, location, etc.) Twitter adds something extra to the no follow tag. The HTML view of a link contains this:

class="url" rel="me nofollow" target="_blank"

See that “me” appearing right before the “nofollow”? It’s just Twitter’s way of saying that the website being linked to is owned by the same person who owns this Twitter page. If I own the Twitter page, then the external website I am linking to in that area is another expression of me.

Here’s the skinny: The presence of that “me” doesn’t change anything in terms of SEO. The nofollow tag is still doing its job, same as it ever did. As far as I know, Twitter is the only website currently using this “me nofollow” tag. Perhaps its use will spread, and perhaps it won’t…but unless the nofollow goes away, all you need to know is that it’s not going to help your SEO campaign.

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